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Our Skate School Program

Learn to Skate in our Skate School!
(Green, Orange, Blue, Yellow and Red Groups -- plus our Adult Beginner Group)
Our skating school is made up of beginners and more advanced skaters -- a total of around 100 kids skate each season with our skating school. Each child in our skating school has the option to skate twice a week for 45 minutes each. We even have a group of beginner adults which practice on Sunday mornings (learn more about our adult class here).

Registration takes just two steps!

  1. Fill out the online registration form
  2. Send payment

Skater and Membership Costs
Our costs tend to fluctuate a little bit each season. Please see this page​ for the latest information – a PDF version in English is available at the top.
Fees can be paid via Swish (123-0323105) or Bankgiro (314-0464). Please note, we do not issue invoices.

Our skate school is held on Thursdays and Sundays. Our fall term starts in late September and concludes with our annual Christmas show. The spring term begins in early January and ends in late March or early April with our annual spring show. Here's the skate school's schedule page.

Practices go quite quickly, so please make sure to arrive at the rink ​15 minutes before​classes start to be sure to be on the ice in time. Remember that the skaters aren't allowed to get onto the ice until the coaches instruct them to do so.

Our Coaches
Our head coaches for each of the groups have completed Skate Sweden's coaches’ education. Group helpers are skaters who themselves skate at a higher level.

The coaches for our groups evaluate each skater's progress and provide individual help and instruction for each skater. Our club uses the Skate Sweden's badge system to mark the progress of the basics of figure skating.

Skate School Badges (Skridskomärken)
In coordination with the classes, it's possible to progress through Skate Sweden's levels and purchase a badge for each level. ​Our shop ​also sells skate guards and some other accessories as a fundraiser.

Clothing and Equipment
We suggest skaters wear soft, flexible, warm clothes which don't restrict movement in any way (avoid bulky snowpants and jeans). A helmet is required for all skaters in the skate school. And don't forget a hat and gloves!
Exceptionally dirty clothes are not allowed, as sand/dirt on the ice will dull skaters' blades.

  • Helmets
    Helmets are obligatory​​ and skaters are not allowed on the ice without one on. The helmet should be appropriately sized and the chin strap tight enough so that the helmet stays in place. A "l​ekhjälm"​ or hockey helmet is best. Skiing helmets are not recommended, as they can make it difficult to hear the coaches.
  • Skates
    Proper figure skates with a toe pick are not required for the skate school, but one must make sure the skates are ​sharpened.​ Even a lower level, the right type of skates can make a big difference for skaters. Ankle support and a blade in good shape are key. Recreational (pond) skates are often too soft to support the ankle and have blades of very low quality.

    It is best to start skating with the "real" skates from the start. We suggest the following brands: Graf, Risport, Wifa, Jackson, Riedell. Some of these brands also have beginner models (Graf-Bristol, Wifa-Prima, Risport-Laser). While skates of a higher quality are more expensive, the overall skating experience is greatly improved by better skates. We suggest parents look for used skates at the same price as cheaper ones would cost brand new. Given that most skaters' feet are still growing, it may be tempting to buy the skates a size bigger than needed, but this is not recommended (1.5 cm is the maximum amount we suggest going over in size). More information about equipment and where to buy it can be found here.

    The club has a limited amount of skates available to rent in sizes 28-36. Contact us via email (​This is a mailto link)​ or phone (070-660 25 40) to arrange to rent skates. The rental cost is 800 kr per season, of which 300 kr is a deposit that will be paid back once the skates are returned.

Parents Watching Lessons

  • In the main rink
    Please watch from up in the stands. The space nearest the rink is only for coaches and skaters. We ask you to respect this because skaters are better able to concentrate if parents aren't near the ice. Regardless, all parents are welcomed and encouraged to stay and watch the practice from the stands. The view is very good from up there!
  • In the secondary rink
    Please watch, but from a distance! The space nearest the entrance to the ice is only for coaches and skaters. We ask you to respect this because skaters are better able to concentrate if parents aren't near the ice. Regardless, all parents are welcomed and encouraged to stay and watch!
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